The State Attorney�s Office Victim Services department provides support services to people who suffer as a result of a criminal act. It also works in the community to advocate for victims� rights and interests and endeavors to achieve a safer community. The volunteers and student interns will assist the Victim Services department in achieving a safer community. The Victim Services program will recruit, train and place volunteers and interns in positions to work side-by-side with victims, state attorney�s office staff and other law enforcement and social service agencies. They will play an integral role in providing services to and for the State Attorney�s Office in the Third Judicial Circuit. The Third Judicial Circuit includes seven counties in North-Central Florida: Columbia County, Dixie County, Hamilton County, Lafayette County, Madison County, Suwannee County and Taylor County. The State Attorney�s main office is in Live Oak and the satellite offices are located in Lake City, Perry, and Cross City. Their services will have a direct impact on the high volume caseloads. The volunteers and interns will allow the Victim Services program to serve victims in a more efficient and effective manner.


Volunteers and Interns must be at least 18 years of age, in reasonably good health, and must consent to and pass a FCIC and NCIC criminal background check. They are required to complete a forty-hour training program. Once training is completed, the volunteer and intern must be available to work a minimum of eight (8) hours per week during normal business hours. Every effort will be made to place a volunteer/intern in their desired area of interest; however, the Victim-Witness Administrator will determine the final placement.

icon Application Packet
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or intern, please click link above for an application packet. Once your completed application packet is returned, a FCIC and NCIC criminal background check will be conducted. Your application will be reviewed. The State Attorney and his personnel have the right to refuse any application that is submitted. Applicants that are considered for volunteer/intern positions will be contacted for an interview. If you are selected for a position, you will be enrolled in the next available training. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL VOLUNTEERS/INTERNS SERVE �AT THE PLEASURE� OF THE STATE ATTORNEY.