Assistant State Attorney

ChecksBy statute, all sworn Assistant State Attorneys must be members of The Florida Bar. However, applicants are encouraged to participate in a criminal clinic program pursuant to the Florida Supreme Court's Student Practice Rule. Those applicants that are certified legal interns may be employed prior to passing the Florida Bar Examination.


Support Staff


The State Attorney's Office is currently authorized to employ 70 people. This number is annually reviewed and is subject to change, based in part on appropriations from the Florida Legislature. Support staff is comprised of legal assistants, receptionists, victim witness counselors and investigators. Office hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Resumes are always accepted for support staff positions. They are kept active for a period of 6 months and are reviewed when positions become available.

Cover letters and resumes, together with a State of Florida Employment Application should be sent to:

Jeff Siegmeister
State Attorney
310 Pine Ave. SW
Live Oak, FL 32064

Employee Benefits

The State of Florida offers a variety of benefits for its employees:


Health Insurance

The State currently pays over 80% of the cost of the health insurance premiums for all support staff, and over 95% for Assistant State Attorneys. Other health options include dental insurance and disability insurance.

Life Insurance

A free Basic Term Life benefit of $25,000 is available to all full-time employees of the State Attorney's Office. Additional term life insurance can also be purchased by the employees.

Retirement Plans

The State Attorney's Office participates in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). The FRS is a contributory system: contributions are paid by both employees and their participating employers. The pre-tax contributions are paid monthly and are equal to a certain percentage of the employee's salary. Currently, the employee's contribution rate is 3%. The FRS offers two alternative plans selected at the option of the employee. One is the FRS Pension Plan (a defined benefit plan), and the other is the FRS Investment Plan (a defined contribution plan). Vesting requirements and payouts at retirement differ under each plan.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation programs are available to all employees as an additional vehicle for retirement planning. Saving for retirement has never been easier or more cost effective. The State's Deferred Compensation Plan allows you to "defer" or delay receiving a portion of your income in a tax-deferred environment until a later date, generally when you retire. This income will be in addition to the benefits you are expecting to receive from the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Equal Opportunity

The State Attorney's Office is an equal opportunity employer.